• LASEC laboratory, EPFL | Semester project

    Feb. 2022 - Jun. 2022 | Lausanne, Switzerland
    • Supervised by Loïs Huguenin-Dumittant, in the laboratory of Serge Vaudenay. In parallel to courses.
    • Optimization of Post-Quantum cryptography used within TLS 1.3.
  • SaCS laboratory, EPFL | Student Intern

    April. 2021 - Jul. 2021 | Lausanne, Switzerland
    • Evaluation of the quality and improvement of GoldFinger, a method for approximating Jaccard similarity in KNN applications. Major contributions to NMSLIB, and to ANN-benchmarks. Paper submitted to TKDE (IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering).
    • In parallel, showcase of gossiping on a network of Raspberry Pis. Implementation of the decentralized file sharing protocol Hypercore on this network.
  • LaBRI | Student Intern

    Jun. 2020 - Jul. 2020 | Bordeaux, France
    • Work on Intel SGX to build a proxy anonymizing requests to an untrusted recommendation app. Based on batching, and pseudonymization.
    • Creation of a scalable structure, with the provisioning of new enclaves on the go. SGX DCAP to speed up attestation inside the datacenter.
  • Open-Source | Open Source Contributor and Maintainer

    2015 - Present
    • Major contributor to the PHP web framework Symfony. Member of FriendsOfSymfony. Lead Maintainer of NelmioApiDocBundle (2k stars, hundreds of contributors).
    • Contributions to Intel SGX, NMSLIB, ANN-Benchmarks.

I also did many extra-curricular projects throughout the years.


2021 - Aug. 2023

  • EPFL, Switzerland

    Master in Computer Science
    Double degree program between ENS de Lyon and EPFL. Courses focused on cryptography, cyber security, privacy and distributed systems.

2019 - Aug. 2023

  • ENS de Lyon, France

    Bachelor + Master in Computer Science
    Courses about theoretical computer science. Graduated with 18.26/20 (corresponds to A)

2017 - 2019

  • Lycée du Parc, Lyon, France

    Preparatory classes MPSI/MP*
    Two years of intensive courses in mathematics, physics, and computer science to prepare for engineering school competitive exams.

Extra-curricular projects



Vice-president of AliENS, the IT association of ENS de Lyon. Sysadmin, programming, events organization.

Mixed Feelings

Mixed Feelings

Small game developped in 24h during the Orbital Game Jam 2022 at EPFL.



Dog model reproducing heart murmurs for training veterinary students. Electronics, 3D Printing and Desktop app development.



React Native mobile app for finding events around one's position.